Castle in Ravadinovo

The castle in Ravadinovo

If you have been to the southern part of the Bulgarian seaside, you’ve probably heard or at least seen from the road the impressive Castle of Ravadinovo. I had seen it across the road numerous times, while it was still being built, but did not consider something worth visiting. The…

Best place to ski in Bulgaria Pamprovo

Skiing in Bulgaria – where to go and how to reach

More and more people are coming to ski in Bulgaria recently. And no wonder – we do have some great ski resorts for skiers of all levels. In addition, getting a complete package (accommodation + food + ski pass) may not be costly at all and you can arrange it…


Transport from Sofia airport to the city center – how to avoid being overcharged

I have often seen guests of Sofia complain about being excessively charged by taxis in Sofia, especially those taking them from the airport to the center. Indeed – there are some cheating taxi drivers and one can hardly recognize them. This is indeed quite a frustrating experience, especially if you…

Archaeology park Topolnitsa Chavdar

One-day escape from Sofia to the village of Chavdar

Sofia, being the capital of Bulgaria, is one of the several cities attracting the majority of tourists. However, continuous city sightseeing is often not to the likes of many, especially families with kids. So, I’ll be posting on the blog ideas for one-day escapes from Sofia, with or without kids….


Gabrovo – the gem in the heart of Stara Planina

I’ve recently re-visited Gabrovo – hadn’t been there for a loong time. And I did feel sorry about missing to come earlier – it’s such a gem of a city! Lovely! In this post I will give you an overview of major sights I enjoyed- make sure to visit the…


Park Vrana near Sofia – the perfect escape from the heat of the capital

It was about a year or so ago that I heard about Vrana park being opened for visitors. I knew it used to be the summer residence of the Royal family until World War II, but hadn’t really managed to drop by and take a closer look. In the heat of this summer,…


Bulgaria from bird’s eye view? Go to Sopot!

I was recently joining a friend on his paragliding flight near Sopot. Hadn’t been to Sopot recently so – was amazed to find out that there was a lift going to the top of Stara Planina mountain, where the paragliding flights were taking off. If you are looking for a…

The walls of the inside city of Veliki Preslav, reaching 15 m height

Veliki Preslav – the capital of the Second Bulgarian State

If you are anywhere in Northeastern Bulgaria, e.g relaxing on the Northern part of the Bulgarian seaside (Varna and around) or visiting Veliko Tarnovo, I’d recommend you steer away some 100 kms to visit the ancient fortified city of Veliki Preslav – the capital of the Second Bulgarian State. A well-preserved…


Lovech – the covered bridge, the old town and the fortress

I haven’t visited Lovech for a loong time. Actually the only thing I remember about it is the famous covered bridge of the bulgarian builder Kolyu Fitcheto, which has always hosted traditional crafts shops. Well, I recently revisited Lovech and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. This is one…


Momchil’s fotress and the stunning view over Rhodopi mountains

If you are visiting the resort of Pamporovo (Southern Bulgaria) on your holiday, take a day to visit Momchil’s fortress, some 25 kms from the resort. Built in the 6th century, it has been numerously destroyed, rebuilt and inhabited throughout the history if Bulgaria. It was last used by the…