Sandanski Bulgaria what to see what to do what to visit

Sandanski – the city with the most sunny days in Bulgaria – what to do and visit in and around it

If staying in Bulgaria during the cold winter season or just want to get somewhere sunny, peaceful and beautiful at any time of the year – Sandanski is your place. Located just an hour and a half from the capital, taking a good highway road, Sandanski is one of the…

Demir Baba Teke - Bulgaria what to see what to do

Demir Baba Teke – where hope meets miracle

If you are visiting Sveshtari Thracian Tomb, you will see signs to Demir Baba Teke very close to the tomb entrance. So, after visiting Sveshtari tomb, make sure to visit this special place, believed by many to be an energy-loaded place curing illnesses and resolving problems. How to Reach Demir…

Sveshtari tomb bulgaria what to see

Sveshtari Tomb – an exquisitely decorated Thracian tomb

Most visitors of Bulgaria spend their time in the country in Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo. Some go to the seaside, others to very well preserved small towns like Koprivshtica, Melnik, Leshten. Few dare to explore, however, the North Eastern part of Bulgaria which, due to its location and historical…

devetashka cave what to see in bulgaria

Devetashka cave – one of the most picturesque natural wonders of Bulgaria

If heading from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo, or if, simply, you are located in Sofia or Northern Bulgaria and want to make yourself a special day trip, head to Devetashka cave. Located very close to the city of Lovech, this enormous karst cave is spectacular and very well worth any…

Travelling from Sofia or Plovdiv to Istanbul by train – how and why

Many visitors of Bulgaria are taking advantage of the proximity of Sofia and Plovdiv to Istanbul and using the convenient train option to reach there. I have recently traveled myself using this train, so here is a quick overview of this transport option, and the many Pros for using it….

What to see in Sofia – top 10 sights and things to do

Lots of my website visitors are reaching out with the question – what to see and do in Sofia within a limited time, usually up to 3 days? What are the best sights in Sofia, where to start with, to get as good as possible understanding of what the capital…


Visiting the museum town of Koprivshtica

Many tourists coming to Bulgaria have heard about Koprivshtica and are eager to visit this true museum town. And for a reason – this is the town where you can see the most and the most well-preserved houses, churches, streets, bridges and atmosphere of Bulgaria from the 19th century. Why…

Hissarya Roman thermal baths

Hissarya – hot springs and roman baths!

One of the best places you can fully relax in Bulgaria are the numerous mineral water resorts in the country. Hissarya is maybe the most beautiful of them, with much to do, both inside this green resort city and around! Here is what to do in this resort, how to…

Villa Armira featured

The Roman Villa Armira – a jewel in Southern Bulgaria

If you love exploring historical sights, the Roman Villa Armira close to the city of Ivaylovgrad should definitely land in your Bulgaria sightseeing list. Located in the midst of the beauty of Eastern Rhodopi mountain, the villa is one of the hidden jewels of Southern Bulgaria! And one that definitely…

Archaeology park Topolnitsa Chavdar

One-day escape from Sofia to the village of Chavdar

Sofia, being the capital of Bulgaria, is one of the several cities attracting the majority of tourists. However, continuous city sightseeing is often not to the likes of many, especially families with kids. So, I’ll be posting on the blog ideas for one-day escapes from Sofia, with or without kids….