My name is Svetla. I live in Bulgaria, raise my kids in Bulgaria and love travelling. Any time I can, I do take the chance to explore the beauty of my own country.

There are tons of hidden spots in Bulgaria that are unparalleled in their beauty. The majority of them are not very well known, sometimes it’s only the locals who are aware of them. It’s often difficult to find out how to reach these places and figure out what to see once there, even for us Bulgarians.

In this blog I will share info on such places – more or less known, with full info on how to reach them, what to do there, where to stay and what else you might go on your tour. Enjoy and – greets from Bulgaria!

You can reach me with any questions at: greetbulgaria [at] gmail.com 

Elenska basilica

Elenska basilica – dating back to 5th century AD. Visit it on your way from Sofia to Koprivshtica.

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