There are already a good number of hotels and private accommodations offered in Bulgaria. Most of the private accommodation is available in various Bulgarian sites. However, since recently lots of family hotel owners are listing their properties in

I myself, when travelling in Bulgaria, always book from Time ago I used to have situations when the owner didn’t see the reservation and refused it but, alas, this hasn’t happened for a long time.

A few booking tips:

  • Don’t worry about English language fluency of hotel owners. In some of the private accommodations, especially small family hotels in remote villages, the owners may not speak decent English. But – don’t worry, Bulgarians are very flexible and they will find a way to understand you, accommodate you and attend to your needs, even if they have to bring a neighbor to help.
  • Pick only accommodations with high ratings. This would guarantee you that the service and comfort offered in the place are OK.
  • If you want to get a taste of the local life – prefer small family accommodations to big hotels. You will get a local breakfast cooked, will be given tips on places to visit in the area and may even get a local tour by your host.

Of course, you can always opt for booking with a travel agency, but you should expect hefty prices from them.

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