Travelling with a bike on the Bulgarian railways

There are more and more tourists coming to Bulgaria and bringing a bike with them. Many choose to use the Bulgarian railway (BDZ) and trying to make use of the scarce information on the BDZ website. Others are trying to get information while purchasing their ticket and meeting officers that…

Pobiti Kamani - Bulgaria what to see

Pobiti Kamani near Varna – a must-see natural phenomena

If staying close to the Northern Black Seaside or anywhere in North-Eastern Bulgaria, a must-see natural sight is the natural phenomena Pobiti Kamani – also known as the Stone Forest. The spot, made up of numerous, up to 7 m high stones perched on a very flat area – is considered…

Sveshtari tomb bulgaria what to see

Sveshtari Tomb – an exquisitely decorated Thracian tomb

Most visitors of Bulgaria spend their time in the country in Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo. Some go to the seaside, others to very well preserved small towns like Koprivshtica, Melnik, Leshten. Few dare to explore, however, the North Eastern part of Bulgaria which, due to its location and historical…

devetashka cave what to see in bulgaria

Devetashka cave – one of the most picturesque natural wonders of Bulgaria

If heading from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo, or if, simply, you are located in Sofia or Northern Bulgaria and want to make yourself a special day trip, head to Devetashka cave. Located very close to the city of Lovech, this enormous karst cave is spectacular and very well worth any…

Rose oil production facilities

Visiting a Rose oil factory in Bulgaria

Perhaps many of you know that Bulgaria is the biggest producer of rose oil in the world and rose oil making has long traditions in our country. Many Bulgarian cosmetic products use rose oil in their ingredients and you can get a lot of souvenirs with rose oil or rose…

Castle in Ravadinovo

The castle in Ravadinovo

If you have been to the southern part of the Bulgarian seaside, you’ve probably heard or at least seen from the road the impressive Castle of Ravadinovo. I had seen it across the road numerous times, while it was still being built, but did not consider something worth visiting. The…

Archaeology park Topolnitsa Chavdar

One-day escape from Sofia to the village of Chavdar

Sofia, being the capital of Bulgaria, is one of the several cities attracting the majority of tourists. However, continuous city sightseeing is often not to the likes of many, especially families with kids. So, I’ll be posting on the blog ideas for one-day escapes from Sofia, with or without kids….