Bulgaria from bird’s eye view? Go to Sopot!

I was recently joining a friend on his paragliding flight near Sopot. Hadn’t been to Sopot recently so – was amazed to find out that there was a lift going to the top of Stara Planina mountain, where the paragliding flights were taking off.

If you are looking for a great experience and bird’s eye view over the valleys lying south of Stara Planina – do visit Sopot in the weekend (good weather only) and reach the top of the mountain with the lift.

How to reach the lift of Sopot?

Sopot is about 2 hours drive (140 km) from Sofia. Just before entering the city of Sopot there is a sign for the lift. Parking is available. You can get a return ticket, or take the lift up and return on foot, have in mind though that the road back is steep, takes ~2 hours and you need mountain shoes.

Lift Sopot paragliding

The lift station near Sopot

There is absolutely nothing at the top except the great view, so bring everything you might need, including lots of water and sunscreen.

What to do once at the top?

You can admire the stunning view over the flat area lying between Stara Planina and Rhodopi mountains. Beautiful and unforgettable experience. You can watch the paragliders taking off, one after the other, starting from 10 in the morning, until late afternoon. And you can also join a tandem paragliding flight if you want! We did go with skynomad.com, however there are many other people who’d be willing to give you a ride for a small fee.


The view is simply breathtaking ..truly enjoyed looking at the numerous paragliders taking off one after the other


You can actually join one of these flying guys, even without advance notice

What else to do while in the region?

  •  Visit Karlovo – the birthplace of the biggest figure in the history of Bulgaria Vassil Levski. The old town of Karlovo is lovely.


    The old city of Karlovo

  • Visit Koprivshtica – one of the places in Bulgaria where you can observe well-preserved houses and house decorations from two and more centuries ago. Get a guided tour for the entire ethnographic complex.
  • Relax in the hot mineral pools of Hissarya – a very peaceful and green city, with a nice ancient city wall going through it
  • Visit the Thracian Temple Complex at Starosel

Where to stay

  • If you are looking to stay in traditional Bulgarian atmosphere and try local food – head to Koprivshtica.
  • If you prefer spa and relax – Hissarya is your place. Few hotels have indoor mineral pools but you can enter any hotel pool (even if staying elsewhere) for a fee.
    As usual, Booking.com has many options for accommodation in these two cities.

Enjoy your time feeling like a bird and admiring the awesome views over Bulgaria!

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